Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Want A Gazillion-Bajillion Wishes!

fairly oddparentsFairly Oddparents -- Wouldn't it be nice to have fairy godparents who can grant your every wish, no matter how many and with no strings attached? I'd probably wish for everything I can think of and maybe make some things (and people) disappear too while in the process. That would be more than super.

Which brings me to today's TV show review. Meet Timmy Turner - a 10-year-old who must probably be the unluckiest kid in Dimmsdale. His buckteeth always gets noticed and he always gets picked on by the neighborhood bully. Then his parents almost always ignore him and leave him at home with the vile babysitter, Vicky, whose life's primary purpose seems to be to torture Timmy.

Due to Timmy's unfortunate life, two fairy godparents were sent to him from Fairyland. So why is the title Fairly Oddparents? That's because they're odd, no other reason. Cosmo, the green-haired fairy, is always in space, so it's up to his wife, Wanda, the pink-haired one, to bring him back. Since no one is supposed to find out about them, Cosmo and Wanda usually transform into various objects or animals so they can freely go with Timmy.

The Fairly Oddparents follows no single storyline, meaning it's more or less random, but there are some occurrences where you had to have seen some earlier episodes and such. Although even if you didn't, the 30-minute cartoon would still be funny. Sometimes, one word can leave me laughing throughout the whole show and after, as I keep remembering it. Oh and it's also funny how Timmy gets tortured by Vicky. I know it's mean, but it makes me laugh.

I love this one song from The Fairly Oddparents, so I'll share it with you!

Icky Vicky

V! I! C-K-Y!
The sound of her name makes the little kids cry

Hey Vicky!
You're so so icky
Just the thought of bein' round you
Makes me oh, so sicky

Hey Vicky
Won't you please explain
How you get so much enjoyment
Outta causing kids pain?

A chick who's just plain mean
A sour sweet sixteen
She a fire-breathing dragon
In a pair of black jeans!