Friday, August 10, 2007

Kung Pow - Enter the Fist: Steve Oedekerk (2002)

kung pow enter the fist"I-It's bad.. It's..It's wrong.. It's...badong!"

Kung Pow -- I'm not really sure about the popularity of this movie because most of the people I ask about this aren't even aware of it.

Anyway, Kung Pow is one of the best martial art-parody movies ever! The movie stars Steve Oedekerk (yeah, try saying that 10 times as fast as you can). He's also Kung Pow's director and writer.

Kung Pow was taken from a 1977 Hong Kong action movie called Tiger and Crane Fist. It was dubbed to become a comedy and Oedekerk was inserted over the main character.

For the plot (don't worry, I won't reveal that much.. I'm too lazy to write the whole plot. Oh and I don't want to spoil your fun ^^): Oedekerk's character is known as "The Chosen One" - he is the Chosen One because of the face on his tongue (refer to picture). The Evil Empire wanted to get rid of Chosen One so they send a guy named Master Pain (and several henchmen) to kill Chosen and his family. As expected, Chosen survives.

So Chosen grows up and looks for the dojo of Master Tang. He finally finds it and takes refuge there. He meets Wimp Lo who swears to beat Chosen and Ling, a female resident of the dojo who fancies Chosen. Then Master Pain comes to town to visit the mayor and he shows off his strength. Oh and he also announces that he will change his name from Master Pain to Master Betty. He fails to recognize Chosen, but of course, as the story develops, they will face each other and encounter many, many, many deaths (and tons upon tons of laughter).

Okay.. That's my version of Kung Pow's summary. Overall, I'm giving Kung Pow a 10/10 rating. Why? Well, watch it and you'll see why (and you'll also see how knocked up my brain is). The bad dubbing, obvious CG, intended puns, hazy picture and weirdness all around contribute to the beauty of Kung Pow.