Saturday, September 1, 2007

Some Weird Spanish Children's Movies

veggie talesVeggie Tales -- This has got to be one of the weirdest and most amusing children's show I've ever seen. As you can see on the pictures, vegetables are the main characters in this series that teaches kids moral values by adapting Bible stories and putting them on the show.

The picture on the left is the cover for the Gideon special of Veggie Tales. I'm not sure I actually still remember who Gideon was and what he did, but I'm pretty sure he's a Bible character. Can you imagine a cucumber playing Gideon? I'm sure as hell I can't!

Who would've thought that there's something like this being shown on TV? Cars and animals, I understand...but vegetables?? Will children take something like this seriously?

Erm...well, I guess if kids actually liked Teletubbies, who knows what else they'd fancy right? At least, Veggie Tales is way better than the Teletubbies. Veggie Tales at least, teach the kids stories from the Bible plus a "moral of the story" part. That's something not all kids' shows have.

Maybe the reason why they chose vegetables is that it's easier to create and animate than other objects. Like in the picture for example, the veggie playing the tuba doesn't have arms nor hands, so you kind of wonder how the hell it manages to play the instrument. Well, realistically speaking, vegetables don't have arms - so it's easier to animate them without all the joints and stuff. Then again, vegetables neither have eyes, noses, mouths and more importantly, mustaches. And where can you see a vegetable wearing glasses?? Okay, more important than that, vegetables don't move. At all. So it's really weird and funny seeing this, right?

Right. Just agree with me on this one.