Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Immortal Highlander

highlander"Here we are, born to be kings we're the princes of the universe..."

Highlander -- Awesome, awesome show. I was so obsessed with Highlander when I was growing up. I enjoyed the fact that the characters are immortal and you can't kill them off unless you slice their heads clean off their necks. They can only be killed by fellow immortals, and at times, by accident, some mortals manage to do the job.

The Highlander series revolves around Duncan MacLeod, the protagonist of the story. Born on Scotland in 1592, he is, indeed, an immortal. I like his sword, a katana, given to him by some Japanese dude some 200 years ago (we're on the Highlander timeline here).

The fight scenes are really awesome and can get pretty long too. I never got bored though. The sword fights are usually from different disciplines so you get to see a bit of everything - from Asian to European, etc. Then when one of them successfully slices the head of his opponent off, the winner absorbs all of the loser's powers with a lightning bolt. It would be pretty lucky if you're an amateur immortal and you accidentally kill one of the veteran immortals hehe...

Oh and the opening song of Highlander, as quoted above, is a single entitled "Princes of the Universe" by Queen.