Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You Are Totally Clueless!

cluelessClueless -- I remember my friend introducing Clueless to me because I was, and still am, a hair short of being clueless about chick-flicks. Surprisingly enough, I didn't get bored nor clueless while watching it. I even ended up watching the movie several times before returning the tape to my friend.

Clueless is about a 15-year-old Beverly Hills girl named Cher (Alicia Silverstone) who is known to be all about herself, shopping and boys. She is popular because of these, as well as her beauty and wealth, and she was happy with it until her ex-stepbrother, Josh, comes into the picture. He always teases her about being an airhead so she decides that she wants to be known for being an intelligent person and a do-gooder too.

She starts by hooking up two of her teachers and therefore escaping that C and turning it into an A that will make Cher's dad proud. Then she meets Tai, who looks like someone who just came from a farm. Cher decides that Tai will be her project. She changes Tai into someone who will be popular and true enough, Tai becomes popular...more popular than Cher. As with teenagers, this starts fights and all. Cher realizes that she's not that popular anymore and that she's in love with her ex-stepbrother, Josh.

Clueless, despite the fact that it came out on 1995, made famous a type of speech that is still used today. Words like "What-ever!", "Postal", "Like" and "Barf" were made popular by the movie and by the way it was used by Cher and her friends. A new type of trend was also introduced during that time that can still be seen these days. Also, the use of cellphones that was highlighted in the movie pushed the gadget into a state of necessity.

Alicia Silverstone gave justice to Cher's character and it really fit her well. The movie itself is lighthearted and funny. It isn't one of those generic teen movies today that all have the same plot and dry humor. You definitely won't go clueless with Clueless!