Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ringu - Ring (1998)

ring, ringu, sadakoRing -- I know a lot of people like scary movies. I love them too and I love getting scared like hell.

One of the top three scariest movies of all time for me is the original Ring (Ringu). I got scared senseless when I watched this in the cinemas with my cousin (she even cut me with her nails when she clung onto me when she got scared).

I'm sure a lot of people have seen Ring and got scared too when they watched. Although for those (un?)fortunate enough who refused to watch the movie when they heard their family and friends talking about it, I will (as usual) give a super concise gist of the story (of the Japanese version).

Okay. So there's this reporter whose cousin died mysteriously. She finds out that the death was caused after the cousin watched a video tape a week before she died. The reporter, who knew about the tape beforehand but dismissed it as an urban legend until she finds out about her cousin, was able to get a copy of the tape. Of course, there won't be anything else left for the movie if the reporter didn't let her curiosity get the better of
her and avoid watching the tape. So naturally, the reporter watches the video, gets a call that she'll die in 7 days, and gets all frantic trying to avoid her untimely death. She calls her ex-husband to help her save her life. End of super-concise gist (without giving away spoilers).

For those of you who have seen the movie, I guess you can relate to the things written in the next few
ring, ringu, sadako sentences...

After I watched the movie, I had to cover my TV set with thick cloths and boards. Not only that, I couldn't watch TV for a week. I also couldn't go out of my room at night alone, not even when I'm super hungry or thirsty (good thing the bathroom's adjoined to my room). Okay, a lot of you might think I took things to the extreme but, the movie scared me shit.

Well, it's better to see for yourselves what I mean. Watch it...