Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creepiest kid-show ever!

teletubbiesTeletubbies -- These four aliens are probably the creepiest kid-show hosts I've ever seen. I'm over my teenage years but they still creep me out. Okay, they scare me. To the point that I've had nightmares about them.

If you think you're too mature for kid-shows and you have no idea as to who these four "creatures" on the picture are, they're called Teletubbies. They are individually known and color-coordinated as:

Tinky Winky - (male) violet
Dipsy - (male) green
Laa-Laa - (female) yellow
Po - (female) red

They live in a dome called Tubbytronic Superdome. These Teletubbies have screens on their tummies that can be used as television sets. Also, the place where they live is almost always sunny. Oh yeah, the sun. Whoever saw a sun that has a laughing baby head right at the middle of it?? Anyway, these characters imitate toddlers - the age group that they cater - from proportions of their bodies to actions and manner of speaking.

Oh there's also a controversy surrounding the Teletubbies. I do not wish to elaborate on this one, except that they have been seen as promoters of homosexuality. Well, watch and judge them for yourselves. Oh, before you let your kids watch this, try to watch it on your own first. Just in case =)