Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sound of Music (1965)

the sound of musicThe Sound of Music -- I don't think a lot of people would remember Sound of Music, especially if you grew up during the 90s beyond. It's one of my favorite musicals ever!!

The Sound of Music revolved around Maria (a nun-to-be) who was assigned to be the governess of Captain Von Trapp's seven children. The Von Trapp household became dull and without color when the children's mother died. Maria fixed that when she taught the children how to sing -- causing Captain Von Trapp to forget about his feelings for the Baroness (his current girlfriend) and fall in love with Maria.

Oh yeah, the setting is Austria, before the World War II started.

Probably the most popular song in The Sound of Music would be "Do-Re-Mi". Ohohoho don't tell me you don't know that song... Everyone learned their do-re-mis through that song! Well, everyone after 1965, that is. You still don't know it? Tsk tsk.. I'll give you a bit of a preview then:

Do - a deer, a female deer
Re - a drop of golden sun
Mi - a name I call myself
Fa - a long, long way to run
Sol - a needle pulling thread
La - a note to follow sol
Ti - a drink with jam and bread...

Erm.. does it ring a bell now? Of course it should! That's what I've been saying since a while ago. Anyway, I'll just leave everyone with The Sound of Music's list of songs so you can listen more because the songs are just lovely. Watch the musical too!! You won't regret sitting for two hours!! Promise!!

Maria - "The Sound of Music"
The Nuns - "Maria"
Maria - "I Have Confidence"
Rolf and Liesl - "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"
Maria and Liesl - "Sixteen Goin' on Seventeen"
Maria - "My Favorite Things"
Maria and the Children - "Do-Re-Mi"
Maria and the Children - "The Lonely Goatherd"
The Children - "So Long, Farewell"
Mother Abbess - "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"
Maria and the Captain - "Something Good"
The Captain - "Edelweiss"
... - "How can love survive?"