Thursday, August 16, 2007

Once Upon a Forest (1993)

once upon a forestOnce Upon a Forest -- This is one of my favorite animated movies when I was a kid. It's funny and heartwarming and the story just grows on you when you watch it. Also, Once Upon a Forest' s characters are really cute!

The main characters of Once Upon a Forest are the ones on the picture to your left.

First there's Cornelius, a badger who is known to be the wisest in Dapplewood (the forest where they live in). He is responsible for teaching the Furlings, the baby-kid animals, all about the forest and the dangers outside the forest. Cornelius also likes to invent flying machines..

Then there's Michelle. She's a very very cute and sweet little badger who happens to be Cornelius' niece. Michelle's parents died in a gas accident in the forest which is why Cornelius is taking care of her. She is very fond of her uncle and she's always curious about everything.

Edgar is a little mole that is brilliant yet his brilliance can be surpassed by his shyness and oftentimes, he is not too courageous either. Although even if he acts this way, he still knows when to stand up against other people: when his friends get caught in a bit of a jam.

Then we have Abigail. She is a woodmouse who seems to act like a tomboy since she's so adventurous, with spunk but she cares for her friends a lot. Oh and obviously, because of her character and age, she is the leader of the Furlings.

Lastly, there's the hedgehog called Russell. He comes from a very big family so they have lots of food all the time. That's probably the reason why he loves eating so much and why he grows really fat.

The story? Uhmmm... Once Upon a Time is basically just a story of a bunch of forest animals who called their forest, Dapplewood. They were always taught to avoid the humans since they were the ones who were destroying the forest and killing off the families of the animals. One day, these gases were released into the forest and somehow Michelle, Cornelius' niece, inhaled them and got sick. The Furlings that Cornelius taught wanted to save Michelle so they built one of Cornelius' flying machines to get to the mountain that has the flower which can cure Michelle. Once Upon a Forest is a story of how three brave Furlings were able to save their friend and their home from those who want to destroy it.