Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Lost Gospel: Would you believe it?

lost gospel of judas, national geographicThe Lost Gospel of Judas -- If someone presents to you a document that would most likely disprove your beliefs, would you accept it?

National Geographic's The Lost Gospel of Judas created waves of both excitement and anxiety when it was shown as a prime time feature. This documentary is about, well, Judas' gospel, which was found in a Coptic codex back in the 1970s.

It is common knowledge that the four disciples all called Judas a traitor to Jesus, having betrayed the latter to the Romans in exchange for money.
The gospel of Judas refutes the four New Testament gospels that are compiled in today's Bibles since it is written there that Judas was only obeying Jesus' orders.

Apparently, Judas is Jesus' closest friend because Judas understands Jesus' reason for being on Earth. This being the reason, Jesus asked Judas to "free" him from the chains of a mortal body, an act that Christians know as the "betrayal of Jesus by Judas Escariot".

If you're a Christian, would you believe this? I think that the Lost Gospel of Judas shouldn't be dismissed because it gives modern-day Christians - laymen, clergymen and scholars alike - different views regarding early Christian beliefs and understanding. When I watched this documentary, I was provided an insight that is generally and totally different from what I've read in the Bible, but it didn't upset me or caused me to disbelieve the other gospels completely. Watching the special, The Lost Gospel of Judas, only made me want to look for a clearer and an open-minded understanding of my faith in order to fully grasp its meaning in my life.