Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lazy Town

lazy townLazy Town -- You'd probably be aware of Lazy Town if:

1) You're a kid who likes Nickelodeon,
2) You like watching kids' shows or
3) You like small, underage girls (or lolita, as they call it)

Anyway, there's not much plot with Lazy Town. Simply put, Stephanie (the pink-haired human girl) moves to Lazy Town and she meets different people and befriends them. Oh..did I say people? I meant puppets. She befriends puppets.

There are only three human characters in Lazy Town. There's Stephanie, Sportacus (the sporty guy dressed in blue) and Robbie Rotten (the guy with the chin that rivals Leno). The puppets are unimportant. You guys don't have to know them.

I used to watch Lazy Town whenever I'd catch it on Nick. Then I realized that the characters in Lazy Town all seem to have eaten a kilo of sugar each before every episode. They're all hyperactive! Watching them jump everywhere tires me out. The songs are really addictive though. The ones that they sing are the types that get stuck inside your head and no matter what you do, you'd be hearing...

Bing bang diggly dong
First thing that I say after I wake up
Bing bang diggly dong
I say those words before I go to sleep

...erm... You'd be hearing that all day long!

Well, watch Lazy Town. Even if they're all hyperactive and they sing songs that are hard to forget, Lazy Town is still amusing, even for a 22-year old like me. (Oh mind you, I'm a girl and I don't like lolis.)