Friday, September 28, 2007

Silent Hill left me silent

silent hill pyramid headHey look, it's Pyramid Head!

Silent Hill -- I remember watching this at a big cinema, last full show, with very few people watching besides me. I admit that I never really got around to playing the game, mainly because I'm such a scaredy-cat.

Now onto the story...

A woman brings her daughter to a town called Silent Hill as a response to her daughter calling out for the place while her sleepwalking became more dangerous. A car crash that involved them just outside the town knocks them unconscious and when the woman wakes up, her daughter is nowhere to be found, and Silent Hill suddenly became a ghost town, complete with fog and ash-fall. As the woman goes around the town in search for her daughter, she encounters some messed up creatures that all connects to the secrets of Silent Hill and the town's connection with her daughter.

I must mention that I found the creatures of Silent Hill repulsive. Utterly hideous, especially the Janitor. Anyway, the movie itself is kinda...well I don't really know how to describe it, but it's like it's still missing something towards the end. Sure, it was a scare-fest for me. But that was almost all there was to it. I was left hanging trying to figure out what happens after they were able to get out of Silent Hill.

If there's anyone who can tell me, I'm all ears.

Since there's not much to say anyway, I'll just list down the different creatures found in the Silent Hill movie:

  • Grey Child - they are noisy, blackened creatures that grab and drag you to god knows where. They are blackened in the sense that they look like they were burned to death.
  • Creeper - they resemble insects that swarm all over people plus when you turn them over, they have this human-like face underneath.
  • Dark Nurse - they squeak when they move, carry objects that can kill and they wear nurses' uniforms. One thing though, their faces are so disfigured, they're scary. Oh and they won't move when there's light.
  • Lying Figure - probably the only creature that can come out during daylight, they spray acidic, tar-like substances on their victims.
  • Pyramid Head - just check out the picture above for reference. He also carries a huge knife and is brutally strong.
  • Janitor - before shifting to the otherworld, the Janitor is just a corpse, disfigured by barbed wires and stored in one of the school comfort room's cubicle. He was once the school's janitor but he molested a kid, therefore, earning him the punishment of being tied up.
And now, I shall leave you all with an image of the Janitor:silent hill janitor