Monday, September 24, 2007

He's a Devil with the Guitar

santanaSantana -- I'm not sure if people my age know who Carlos Santana is, aside from his recent collaborations with some new artists on songs like Maria and Smooth.

Anyway, Santana is one of the guitarists I look up to. I mean, he's really great with the guitar.

I remember watching the Woodstock '69 where Santana was playing Soul Sacrifice. It was utterly amazing. There's no other word to describe what I saw.

Santana for me is one of the music industry's legends. I wonder if there will be anyone else to replace those musicians before...that when you watch them, you'll feel all sorts of emotions inside you and all you can do is sit there, listen to them with your mouth hanging open, and let their music just take you to a rollercoaster of music, feelings and mean guitar playing.

I really recommend watching one of their concerts, especially during their early days as a band. It's an experience worth telling to your children.