Monday, September 3, 2007

Another X-Men Movie?

x-menX-Men -- So will there be another X-Men movie? It has been on the news that there are plans but no one knows exactly what the story will be. Some speculate that it will be a Wolverine spin-off, but that probably will be another movie.

Also, rumors has it that Gambit will be introduced in the fourth movie. It's about time too.

People were asking if the new movie will be a Cyclops spin-off, but it was denied. Definitely not a Cyclops movie, I'm sorry to say, Cyclops fans. (I personally don't like Cyclops at all.)

I'm hoping that they do a separate Wolverine movie and not make that the fourth installment to the X-Men series. Why? Because there were quite a few loose ends on the third movie that practically screams, "HEY! THERE'S A FOURTH MOVIE SO WATCH OUT FOR THAT, OKAY??"

So what do you guys think? Any speculations on what X-Men 4 will be about? Do tell me, I love hearing ideas :D