Monday, September 17, 2007

The Queen was Damned Indeed

queen of the damnedNahhh.. I wasn't saying that to Aaliyah, just in case people get the wrong notion or something.

Queen of the Damned -- I read and liked Anne Rice's book. I fell in love with the story, with the intricate history of the vampires, so much that I really had high expectations for the Queen of the Damned movie.

I was disappointed.

A lot.

Sure, I understand that like with most book-to-film movies, time is scarce, so the director has to fit in everything in one to two hours, preferably an hour and a half, lest the audience be death. I understand too that movie adaptations are based on the director's interpretation of the story, so it is up to him to recreate what he read.

The Queen of the Damned movie lacked something that made the book wonderful. The story was missing the important parts, the elders weren't given that much thought...then Aaliyah died before they were able to finish shooting the last scene of the movie, where her character, Akasha, dies. So they had to use CG to finish up the queen's death, and it was so hard to watch. The transitions from scene to scene aren't that I got the feeling that I was watching three different independent stories at once.

The soundtrack is pretty cool though. At least, they still have a redeeming factor left to save this movie. Artists like Jay Gordon (whom I think voiced for Lestat's concerts) are featured in the album. If you haven't read the book yet, you might want to consider watching the Queen of the Damned movie, or if at least, you're a fan of Aaliyah.