Monday, September 10, 2007

Do You Know The Greatest Story Ever Told?

stanleyIt's Stanley! It's Stanley!

Stanley -- That round-headed, six-haired, freckled kid you see on the picture is called Stanley. He has a pet goldfish named Dennis and they go on different adventures that involves learning about animals.


Stanley is Playhouse Disney's version of NatGeo's Wild. Whenever Stanley is in some sort of predicament that his little underdeveloped brain couldn't understand yet, he consults Dennis about this. (Yes, the fish can talk. Quite eloquently, actually.) When Dennis can't answer Stanley's query, they both consult the omniscient Great Big Book of Everything (*echo* -thing...-thing...-ing...). Surprisingly, this book contains facts about all the animals Stanley can think of.

The odd pair tries to see what the animal will do when it faces a similar predicament that Stanley faces. By "trying to see", I meant they go inside the book, to the page where that specific animal is in and just have fun and learn and sometimes, get into trouble too. Sometimes, its the animals who come out of the book. Either way, Stanley creates an adventure in order for him to learn how to solve his problems. It's cool.

Besides, Stanley is way too cute.