Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Sweet Life!

the suite life of zack and codyThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody -- Wouldn't it be grand if you can live in a hotel suite for free? Well okay, not really for free if your mom works at the hotel restaurant as a singer. At least, you get to roam around the hotel as much as you want and get to do whatever you want too. Although, you might get in trouble with the hotel manager one too many times in the process.

This is the life of Zack and Cody. They are twins whose mom works at the Tipton Hotel as a singer. They were able to live in a suite as part of their mom's contract with the hotel. The Tipton is owned by the parents of one of the residents there, London Tipton, who happens to be the twin's friend. Zack and Cody also befriended Maddie, candy-counter girl and Camp Tipton Daycare Center manager, who also happens to be London's friend.

The episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody usually just revolves around the adventures of the twins within the premises of the Tipton Hotel. They both get into trouble most of the time, especially with the Tipton's manager, Mr. Moseby, who tries his best to keep everything under his control...usually, his efforts all end up in vain. Not to worry though, at the end of the episode, everything is patched up by the twins and the people around them.