Friday, September 14, 2007

Too Big A Love?

big loveBig Love -- If you're not too partial on morals and ethics and stuff, I suggest you try watching Big Love, another one of HBO's original series.

Big Love features the life of a polygamous family who lives in Utah. Who you see in the picture is Bill Henrickson and his three wives: (L-R) Nicki, Margene and Barbara. Bill has 8 kids from these three women. They encounter a lot of problems because of their lifestyle since their neighbors look down on the practice of polygamy.

Bill and his family don't think that what they are doing is wrong. Then again, why would they try to hide it in the first place if they didn't think it was wrong, right? Hehe Bill is messed up in my opinion.

I'm not really into this whole polygamy thing so I don't really enjoy watching Big Love, but for those of you who don't really have any inhibitions and stuff, try watching it.