Monday, July 30, 2007

When there's something strange in your neighborhood...

the real ghostbusters"Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!"

Ghostbusters -- Remember (L-R in the picture) Winston, Ray, Peter and Egon? Slimer and Janine? Well if you do, then you grew up during the 80s and Ghostbusters was part of your daily (or weekly) TV schedule.

For those who aren't aware, The Real Ghostbusters was a cartoons series based on the 1984 film of the same title, minus "Real". The Ghostbusters are in charge of cleaning up the city from paranormal entities by catching ghosts with their proton packs and trapping them in ghost traps where they will all be transfered to the containment unit back in HQ.

The Real Ghostbusters series follows the lot and their day-to-day proton-blasting adventures. It's really fun watching them catch all those ghosts (and sometimes, those ghosts get away and you wait for the Ghostbusters to re-capture it). They had cool weapons and even cooler transportation that they all make themselves.

Oh right, who are Janine and Slimer? Well, Janine's the loyal secretary in the Ghostbusters' HQ. She handles all calls regarding ghosts and tells the callers if the Ghostbusters are available and whatnot. She also does paperwork..well all the stuff normal secretaries do. She's amazing, being able to handle 4 guys and a lot of ghosts. Speaking of ghosts, Slimer is one. He was captured by the Ghostbusters but things happened (and I won't tell what -- spoilers) and he ended up being like the Ghostbusters' pet/mascot. He loves food and he's green and slimy...make the connection with his name ^_^

I definitely recommend Ghostbusters to anyone and everyone no matter what age group you belong to. Ghostbusters is for everyone. It has action, drama, adventure, humor, creeps - you name it! The Real Ghostbusters is a cartoon classic, so if you have kids and you grew up watching it, why not share it with your children? ^^,