Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Balto (1995)

balto, disney cartoons"The true story of an American Hero"

Balto -- Balto is a canine, half-husky and half-wolf to be more exact, who is known for his heroic act of saving children in Nome, Alaska by bringing them the medicine that they need despite the weather. He leads a group of huskies in a 600-mile trip across Alaska to get the supplies. The story of Balto really happened back in the 1920s and has inspired a lot of people because of what he did.

Balto was an outcast just because he was different from all other huskies: he was half-wolf. I think a lot of people, both kids and grown-ups, can relate to this situation. How Balto was able to manage it was really extraordinary. He was able to make friends, but with the weirdest, truest and most loyal lot (a bunch of animals that included a goose and a mother and child polar bear). He was finally accepted by the town through his heroic and self-less act of bringing supplies to save the children.

The movie made me cry in the end. Happy tears, mind you. I'd make my kids watch this (if I have kids) because they'll learn a lot about values that should be applied by every human being here on earth. You'll get to learn acceptance, respect, understanding, compassion, loyalty, sacrifice and being self-less. I think everyone needs these things.

Balto is one of my favorite Disney movies ever. When I was young, I kept wishing I had a companion (not a pet) like Balto. Hmmm... maybe I should buy a husky and name him Balto instead ^_^