Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fist of the North Star

fist of the north star, anime movie, anime seriesFist of the North Star, or Hokuto no Ken in Japanese, is probably one of the most violent anime I've ever seen. It is violent, but undoubtedly (and surprisingly) amusing.

At the time in the future when the Earth is nothing more but a desolate land, the weak humans are reduced to slavery while the genetically-modified strong ones battle each other for supremacy. Since technology has almost been completely forgotten, these "fighters" use martial arts to gain dominance over the rest.

Don't get me wrong though. Fist of the North Star isn't only about brutal fighting to prove who the strongest man is. There of course is a story underneath all the martial art action. The one on the picture (on your left) is called Ken and he is the successor of the Hokuto school of martial arts. His friend Shin, however, is the successor of the Nanto school of martial arts.

Here are some true or false questions regarding the plot of the anime (get your pens and papers):
1) Are you thinking that this is the usual anime plot where friends fight each other because they're torn between their friendship and their loyalty to their affiliation?
2) Are you thinking that a girl is involved?
3) Are you thinking that it's the usual "friend-steals-girlfriend" reason that's why a war between the two rival schools is unfolding as you sit in front of your TV eating popcorn?

Answer: All are TRUE.
If you got 1 question correct, give yourself a cookie. If you got 2 questions, 2 cookies. 3 questions correct, 10 cookies.

Okay, Shin steals Ken's girlfriend, named Julia, and Ken is out looking for her. I won't tell you what else happens because it would ruin the movie and all so I'd advice you to get a copy. If you love all those gory fight scenes, I'd recommend this one.

Oh, it's not for the faint-hearted.