Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Munsters

the munsters, tv show, dvdThe Munsters was aired so long ago (1964 to be exact), it's doubtful that younger people would know them.

The Munsters -- A typical family living a typical life in Mockingbird Lane having the same joys and pains as other people do. Did I say people? I meant monsters. They have the same joys and pains as other monsters do.

What makes The Munsters funny is that they see themselves as normal as normal could be. They go through the same things as their neighbors do, except that their approach and outlook towards these aren't really the same as other people's. Well, they're weird because they're monsters. If you still haven't got the idea, think Addams Family, only subtler in the weirdness department but just as funny.

Meet the Munster Family:

  • Herman Munster - One of Frankenstein's monsters and the father of the house. Frankenstein must have forgotten to put half of Herman's brain in before he was brought to life but despite that, he is a very kind, loving and trusting man.
  • Lily Munster - Herman's wife and daughter of Grandpa Dracula, which makes of course makes her a vampire. She is a housewife who sees to it that her family is always happy. Although she is a good matriarch, she has trouble befriending other women from Mockingbird Lane.
  • Grandpa - Grandpa is the original Dracula but his old age has left him with memory loss and the tendency to become unpredictable. He loves playing practical jokes and he spends his time in his lab concocting anything that he could think of.
  • Eddie Munster - Eddie is Herman and Lily's only son. He is a half wolf, half vampire boy who loves Grandpa's practical jokes and always carries his Woof-Woof stuffed doll.
  • Marilyn Munster - Marilyn is Lily's niece whom has lived with them since she was a baby. She doesn't look anything like a monster, instead, she has the all-American college girl look. She and her family feel sorry because she looks so different but they still love her nonetheless.