Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mysteries of the Ancient World: Devane, McGavin, Weaver

nostradamus, mysteries of the ancient world, documentary, dvdMysteries of the Ancient World is a documentary about the mysteries of the world. A very long video for those who aren't interested in this area, but it would be a very fun watch for those who are. Imagine, 6 hours of non-stop Mysteries of the Ancient World!

<-- This isn't Devane, McGavin nor Weaver in case you're wondering. That's Nostradamus, the famous guy from so long ago who looked at a black mirror and supposedly saw the future. Nostradamus is one of the "topics" in the Mysteries of the World documentary. (How Nostradamus saw the future in that black mirror is a mystery to me.)

Mysteries of the World also talks about other mysteries like the pyramids in Egypt - how they were made, their purpose... The famous Shroud of Turin also has a segment here as well as Noah's Ark, the greatest miracles and history's greatest secrets.

I've always wondered about these things and the books on them are either insufficient or they're worth all the gold in the world. I like history a lot so this is a good opportunity to get researched, learned and scholarly theories about things in our past that cannot be explained or identified. Mysteries of the World is definitely a good watch for people who always think about the what, when, who, why and how of the things that have existed way before any of us could remember.