Friday, July 20, 2007

Rainbow Brite

rainbow brite, cartoon, tv showRainbow Brite is probably known only by people who grew up during the 80s.

Rainbow Brite -- During the time when Rainbowland was stripped of color by The Kind of Shadows, a girl named Wisp was brought from Earth by Lady Brite to save the colorful world.

In Rainbowland, she meets and befriends a sprite named Twink who advised Wisp to run away to save herself. Wisp refused and made it her mission to save Rainbowland from The Dark One. Twink agreed to take Wisp with him and during their journey, they found a horse frozen in ice. With the joint efforts of Twink and Wisp, they were able to free the horse, Starlight, who joined them in their quest to save Rainbow land.

During a stormy night, Wisp found a baby and helped it seek refuge in a cave. Inside, Wisp discovered the Color Belt and realized that the baby she rescued was the Sphere of Light. She was able to contact the Color Kids who asked Wisp to rescue each one of them from the seven corners of the planet. Wisp, together with Twink and Starlight, was able to save the Color Kids but they had to face the King of Shadows.

They all fought together, eventually defeating the King of Shadows and Wisp was given a new name: Rainbow Brite. She was given the responsibility of protecting the colors in Rainbow land and later, in Earth and its galaxy and Rainbow Brite gets help whenever she needs it from the Sprites and the Color Kids. Not all the inhabitants of Raibowland are happy with the changes that happened: Murky Dismal and his sidekick Lurky continuously plot to rid Rainbowland of all its colors.

Even if they do so, Rainbow Brite will still save the day!