Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Naomi Watts in Angels & Demons?

naomi wattsIn case anyone's looking forward to the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, Naomi Watts might play opposite great actor Tom Hanks. The movie is set to be released May 15, 2009 because of the setback caused by the recent writers' strike.

Personally, I liked Angels & Demons than The Da Vinci Code. The books, of course. Although I'm kind of skeptical about the Angel & Demons movie. I didn't really enjoy the DVC movie. If it weren't for Tom Hanks, I'd hate the movie. I think Tom Hanks was the saving grace of The Da Vinci Code.

I don't really care much about people saying that the book/movie is sacrilegious. It's their opinion and their
faith. I take the movie as a movie, nothing personal. Then again, there isn't anything to be taken personally in the first place.

Oh well. I might watch Angels & Demons either for the sake of watching it, or because it got good reviews, or because I already watched DVC. Keyword: