Monday, November 26, 2007

Maggie Q = Silver Fox?

maggie qI've just read that Die Hard actress Maggie Q is one of the top choices to play the character Silver Fox in the 2009 movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Backtrack a bit. It has been confirmed that Silver Fox is included in the prequel. What's unconfirmed is
who's playing her...but Maggie Q is the top choice apparently.

Who is Silver Fox?

Silver Fox is Wolverine's love interest. More like his
ex-girlfriend or something to that note. I don't really know how their little relationship started but Silver Fox is a CIA-agent-turned-terrorist in the comic's story. She's killed by Sabretooth by the way.

Okay, so does knowing that Silver Fox is in X-Men Origins: Wolverine makes you want to watch the movie more? Or is it Maggie Q that extra push to make you want to watch the movie today? I personally don't find her pretty and I'm looking forward to the movie mainly because Wolverine's my favorite X-Men (and Hugh Jackman's a plus).

Thoughts and opinions?