Tuesday, November 13, 2007


beowulf 2007 movieIn just a few days, Beowulf will be shown in theaters. Is anybody looking forward to watch Beowulf? I know I am. The reasons? Well one, it is a movie about one of the best mythological stories ever and two, Angelina Jolie is there. Yep, I'm Angelina Jolie's fan and I can't wait to see her computerized nude scene. If you haven't heard or read anything about it yet, most of the movie is CG.

Anyway, Beowulf, if you're not aware, is the story of a warrior-hero named Beowulf who has slain the demon Grendel. With Grendel's death, the wrath of his deadly and seductive mother falls upon Beowulf. She wants revenge against the slayer of her son and she wants it bad.

Beowulf, I forgot to mention, is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem that probably came to existence at around 700 AD. Despite it being of Anglo-Saxon origins, the plot and characters heavily relies on Danish and Swedish influences.

Beowulf has a stellar cast lined up:

Ray Winstone
- Beowulf
Anthony Hopkins - Hrothgar
John Malkovich - Unferth
Angelina Jolie - Grendel's mother
Brendan Gleeson - Wiglaf
Crispin Glover - Grendel
Robin Wright Penn - Wealthow
Alison Lohman - Ursula

So is anyone else looking forward to watching Beowulf? I think it'll be a really great movie!