Wednesday, October 3, 2007

John Tucker Must Die?

john tucker must dieJohn Tucker Must Die -- Have you actually ever heard of this movie? Well, yeah, if you're a movie buff or someone who's watching the lives of celebrities, you probably have. But for someone not so interested in movies, I have to admit that I've never heard of John Tucker Must Die until my sister came home with a DVD copy of it.

I thought it was some kind of suspense thriller given the title. I thought wrong. Dead wrong.

It was another chick flick. I'm not a fan of chick flicks. I still watched in nonetheless and wasted like an hour and a half of my life watching girls get revenge from a guy who played them. Ah, don't take me wrong though. Just because I implied that it wasn't any good, my sister liked it. So buy the DVD (I made it easy for you and placed a link there.) and just see for yourself.

Oh but there were some parts that made me laugh. Like laugh, laugh... Not "laugh" because the whole movie is pointless. Did you just get that? I kinda confused myself there.

Anyway, the plot of John Tucker Must Die:

Meet John Tucker, a jock and the most popular guy in school. Everyone wants a piece of him and he wants a piece of every girl. So he just does that. He commits himself to three different girls at the same time (and from the same school) and tells them not to tell anyone because his parents are strict and doesn't want him to be in a relationship yet. Right.

So meet Kate, the invisible girl in school. No, not like the Fantastic 4 character, it's just that nobody knows her nor notices her. Anyway, when the three girlfriends find each other out, Kate "helps" them to get even with John Tucker. The three girls use Kate to make John Tucker fall in love and get his heart broken.

Okay, that isn't the rest of the story but I wouldn't wanna spoil it all for you, my dear readers. It gets pretty predictable, but that's just me. I tend to predict every event in these kinds of movies. So there. John Tucker Must Die isn't a mind-boggling movie. It's pretty simple and as I said, predictable, but the antics that these girls come up with are funny...especially during the early stages of their "John Tucker Must Die Plan".

It's really up to you if you want to watch it. I suggest that if you do want to watch, don't expect anything...if you're not into these chick flicks. If you are...then Happy Viewing!