Monday, October 15, 2007

Cute Dinosaurs!

land before timeLand Before Time -- A 1988 animated movie directed by Don Bluth, Land Before Time is a movie about 5 baby dinosaurs who were on a journey to find the Great Valley after their home was destroyed by an earthquake.

The five dinosaurs are:
Littlefoot - Apatosaurus
Cera - Tricerotops
Ducky - Parasaurolophus
Petrie - Pteranodon
Spike - Stegosaurus

Littlefoot is the main character in the Land Before Time, the rest are his friends who help him go through any ordeal he encounters. The story basically revolves around Littlefoot...and for a dinosaur as young as he is, Littlefoot sure went through a whole lot.

Oh the antagonist here is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, otherwise known as Sharptooth. Well I guess it's pretty obvious by now that the names of the characters in Land Before Time describe, or at least is associated with the type of dinosaurs who own the name.

Land Before Time made me cry - both as a kid and as a 20-something kid-at-heart. The story is simple, but how they portrayed it moves a viewer to tears. It really does. I guess it's because anyone can relate to Littlefoot and his four friends. There's also a moral to the story, and it doesn't take an adult to explain it to a kid for the kid to understand it. Just by watching the movie, the kid would be able to understand what the movie is trying to teach.

Also, since the first movie was quite popular (my parents bought me a VHS copy when I was young and I actually memorized their lines from start to finish), so they made a sequel. Plus several other sequels after that. To date, there are around 12 Land Before Time movies and a television spin-off. I wasn't particularly fond of the TV spin-off, but the movies are quite amusing. They're more light-hearted as compared to the first Land Before Time movie, but nonetheless entertaining.