Friday, October 5, 2007

Highlander: The Source

duncan macleodHighlander -- So has anyone seen the trailer for the new Highlander movie? Does anyone even know that there's a new Highlander movie? Well it's slated for release this year and it's the fifth Highlander movie to date.

I read somewhere that it was already shown in America, aired by the Sci-Fi Channel, but when I watched Resident Evil the other day, I saw the trailer for Highlander: The Source, so I'm guessing that it will be shown here in our local cinemas.

I can't wait for this one. If you've read my earlier post on the Highlander series, you'll get an idea of how much I like Highlander. Added to that, Adrian Paul, the original Duncan MacLeod, is the one starring in the movie. So that's double the "I can't wait for this one."

Oh yeah, the plot. It's basically just a quest to find the Holy Grail so that the immortals can unlock the secrets of "The Source". Ah but this time, as they race to find the secrets, the world of the near-future is on its path to destruction.

So, is anyone going to watch this? Do you think it will be a good one?