Saturday, October 13, 2007

Get to know your Kingdom Vertebrata

wild chroniclesWild Chronicles -- This is one of my favorite National Geographic documentary series. The reason is pretty obvious too: learning about animals is cool. Well at least I think it's cool.

NatGeo's Wild Chronicles offers the viewers a different look at man's co-inhabitants on planet Earth. Viewers will get to learn more about the animals in a way that they rarely get to read in books. Besides, watching animals eat, run, sleep and do whatever they do best is better being watched than read, right?

National Geographic describes Wild Chronicles as a look...

" the human relationship with nature, highlighting breakthrough science that offers real hope for the future."

Isn't that intriguing? You get to learn about the animals and at the same time, you get to learn how to protect them. It's a universal fact that we need animals, so before anyone launches an all-out protest against conglomerates and other people who harm animals, better learn what you're protecting first. That pretty much makes sense, right?

It's really amazing how much we've all seen these animals in zoos and books and other media, but Wild Chronicles sheds a whole new light on them, giving the viewers information about different species that I don't think we'll ever know in our lifetimes (if you're not some nature buff or anything).