Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

the dark knightI'll be honest. I didn't really intend to watch The Dark Knight because 1) I'm not a fan of superheroes and 2) Batman Begins bored me to sleep. The movie ticket was a treat though, so why the hell not. Good news though, I didn't sleep a wink for the whole two and a half hours worth of Batman.

First things first: The cast. I loved Joker and Gordon the best in my books, Joker especially. I mean Heath Ledger was beyond awesome. It was the first time I ever saw Joker in that light. He was beyond creepy, actually. He made Joker look like some psycopath. Awesomely creepy.

The Dark Knight's special effects and action scenes were good too. A bit too loud at times, but it was good. Like how Batman would fly and beat up those bad guys. The sonar Batman ripped from Lucius Fox was really unethically cool. (Morgan Freeman is an awesome actor.)

The story? Well I found it to be a typical superhero story, only darker. I guess it's because of how Joker was? I mean, I think he affects all the characters there. The Dark Knight definitely surpasses all those other Batman movies I've seen, including the old series that goes "Kapow" ;)

Too bad Harvey Dent had so little part in the movie as Two-Face. I thought that the movie would end when Dent became the villain, but nooooo. It went on until Dent was no more. Well I'm kinda looking forward to see if there will be a next Batman movie of this sort. If it's anything like Batman Begins, count me out :)