Monday, February 18, 2008

Jumper made me want to jump...

jumper...out of my seat and get out of the movie house as quickly as possible.

I just felt bad about paying for the movie so I decided to stay put and finish the movie. Why did I feel this way? One thing: Jumper was a shallow movie. The storyline was so simple, it made fairy tales look complicated.

Sure, the graphics were really cool, but most of them happened during the latter part of the movie already. Like with the fight between the two Jumpers - David (Christensen) and Griffin (Bell) - and when the fight was ensuing between them and the Palladin, headed by Roland (Jackson). It was a fast-paced, action movie that seemed to be trying hard to include a sci-fi touch to it. The drama wasn't so good either.

And what the heck's up with the tagline, "
Anywhere. Anything. Instantly."? It sounds like something Visa or Mastercard would use!

No, I'm not bashing the movie. I've nothing against the cast nor the director of Jumper. I'm just stating my opinion on the movie, based on what I saw when I watched it. If you're looking for a
good movie to watch, skip Jumper. If you're into special effects alone, then go ahead and watch it. (Hayden Christensen isn't even good-looking here, so don't watch if you're just after that.)