Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Mummy Should've Just Stayed in its Tomb

the mummy 3 tomb of the dragon emperorLike seriously.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor had "FAIL" written all over it throughout the entire movie, IMO. The story was shallow, the fight scenes mediocre. I mean, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh were there so I was expecting some really awesome swordfight here and there. Plus, Brendan Fraser was "supposed" to be a funny guy, right? So why were the mummies funnier than he was? Then there's Maria Bello who replaced Rachel Weisz. No chemistry with Fraser, bad English accent...just plain bad at being Eve.

The effects were good though: the terra cotta warriors, the mummies burried under the Great Wall, and the Yeti were really cute (although far from what I thought a Yeti looked like). Plus when the battle was waging between the soldiers and the army of General Ming, the latter were both amusing and funny. Actually, the funniest moments of the film were in this part, IMO.

Fraser's jokes were dry, the antics were old. LIke mummies. I guess they finally ran out of quips that would fit the movie. Bello didn't help at all - I missed Weisz' way of brightening up the movie. The 10-minute narration by Yeoh at the beginning of the movie was okay as it explained how the whole thing started and all but how the O'Connells managed to raise the Emperor was kinda...bleh.

Well I guess that gives you more or less an idea about the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The main reason I was looking forward to watching this so much is because Jet Li was playing the Dragon Emperor. I wouldn't recommend that you waste money for it though. Watch if you only if you really really want to regardless of the reviews and all that.