Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why should we want to watch G.I. Joe?

scarlett g.i. joeFirst Showing gives us a list of five things that will make us WANT to see the G.I. Joe movie.

Hmm...I know I'm excited!

Accelerator Suits that will let them run faster, jump super-high, smash through walls, and shrug off bullets."

Nano Bombs are bombs by Cobra Commander that releases lots of nanites that will eat through anything that isn't organic.

Neo Vipers are a bunch of nanotechnology-enhanced soldiers that have mad ninja skills. They're controlled by Destro and they have no emotion whatsoever. Oh and some obscure guy called "Doctor" is responsible for creating them.

Destro's Mask which is also created by the obscure guy, Doctor, lets Cobra control Destro himself. It's made from nanites and Destro wears it because he's ugly.

Scarlett's Armor, shown in the picture, lets Scarlett become Invisible Woman.

So? Are you excited yet? Is anyone excited yet?