Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monsters vs. Aliens

Dreamworks Animation will have a new movie out: Monsters vs. Aliens. Don't let the title fool you though, this movie will have loads of cuteness in it...oh and a pretty CG lady too. Check out the picture:

Monsters vs. Aliens(Click for hi-res)

The story: California girl Susan Murphy has the worst luck when a meteor hits her during her wedding day. This causes her to grow to 49 feet and 11 1/2 inches tall, be captured by the military and be nicknamed Ginormica.

The cast includes:
Reese Witherspoon - Susan Murphy
Rainn Wilson - Gallaxhar
Hugh Laurie - Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.
Seth Rogen - B.O.B.
Will Arnett - Missing Link
Kiefer Sutherland - General W.R. Monger
Stephen Colbert - The President

Monsters vs. Aliens will be released on March 27th 2009.

Monsters vs. Aliens(Click for hi-res)